Original Version LP Version
1. Trolltaar 6:06 1. Trolltaar .
2. Eerily howling winds .
2. Nattens skjønnhet 8:01 3. Nattens skjønnhet .
3. Fjellets hemmelighet 5:32
4. Fjellets hemmelighet (short version) .
total time 20:26

Line up

Aphazel: Guitars, bass & keyboards
Grimm: Drums & vocals

Additional Musicians:
Knut Arne Kringstad: Euphonium
Lise Kari H. Stalheim: Female Vocals



Recorded and mixed in the Warlust Studios april 1995
Produced by Ancient and Michael Omlid

All music by Aphazel
All lyrics by Grimm


Due to bandwith problems I unfortunately cannot host samples anymore...


Trolltaar sounds very much like Svartalvheim I think. If anything is different, it would be that the sound is even vaguer. So it's a cool mini cd. Only a shame that it is so mini...

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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