Original Version LP Version Rerelease Version
1. Trolltaar 6:06 1. Trolltaar 6:06
1. Trolltaar (remastered) 6:18
2. Eerily howling winds 8:17
2. Nattens skjønnhet 8:01 3. Nattens skjønnhet 8:01
2. Nattens skjønnhet (remastered) 8:16
3. Fjellets hemmelighet 5:32
4. Fjellets hemmelighet (short version) 5:49 3. Fjellets hemmelighet (short version) 5:49
4. Eerily Howling Winds (preproduction) 4:09
5. Likferd (reverb mix) 4:56
6. Eerily Howling Winds (live) 3:49
7. The Call Of The Absu Deep (live) 5:19
8. Det Glemte Riket (live) 7:10
total time 20:26 total time 28:13 total time 45:51

Line up

Aphazel: Guitars, bass & keyboards
Grimm: Drums & vocals

Additional Musicians:
Knut Arne Kringstad: Euphonium
Lise Kari H. Stalheim: Female Vocals



Recorded and mixed in the Warlust Studios april 1995
Produced by Ancient and Michael Omlid

All music by Aphazel
All lyrics by Grimm


Trolltaar sounds very much like Svartalvheim I think. If anything is different, it would be that the sound is even vaguer. So it's a cool mini cd. Only a shame that it is so mini...

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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