1. Desolated colours 7:19
2. My weary eyes 8:22
3. A part of darkness 6:24
4. When all laughter has gone 5:52
5. Collapsed 9:18
6. Fields 4:45
7. With scorn 11:11
total time 53:11

Desolated Colours

Pale shadows at front of me
Colours that i cannot, perceive
So silent, yet so attractive
Desolated colours of life i forsake

Falling leaves conceal me,
this monotonous voice of my soul,
wandering forever
Towards those silent abysses of your soul. . .

My Weary Eyes

Drift in silence
Dressed in darkness

I have found
the place,
where my screams exist no more,
where my weary eyes
can't see the sense of incarnation

There's no need for consolation
There's no need for you,
children of jesus

A Part of Darkness

". . . we don't want to put them in public, either.
So you just have to listen those "screams"
and whispers and try to find out what
they say. . ."

Antti Haapapuro

When All the Laughter Has Gone

All beautiful life is gone
All gone are the beautiful lies. . .

". . . All those whispered parts in Ď when all the laughter has gone
í are just a flow of improvisation,
so I guess that you understand that they were just thoughts what
we felt at that very moment
and we donít want that everybody knows them. . ."

Antti Haapapuro


Take me,
to the place where those mirrors shine no more. . .
Eyes bleeding. . . I look myself
Those collapsed mirrors,
stare me

Stale web, around the
poisoned pillars. . .
Those sacred pillars
I corrode


No heavenly light
to blind me

Leave me alone,
let me wither away

To the temples beyond
On the fields of dark
the Temples of beauty,
among the hills of spirits

Drape myself in blood
Drape me with death

With Scorn / Perish

Those so "warm" and "emotional" ways
of your life I shall meet with scorn,
and finally my body and soul
will be forgotten by
you who desperately tried
to corrode my vision. . .

My visions far away
from the lies you serve

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Line up

A. Haapapuro - Vox, guitar

A. Kukkohovi - Drums, guitar, bass

J. Ontero - Synth


Words and tunes: Dolorian
Wounded Love Records Fax ++390289408688
Wounder@tin.it www.avantgardemusic.com
Layout: Greylife Research


Vague. Very vague. That's about the best way to describe Dolorian's music. It is black metal, at least I think it is. But it's very slow, and very atmospheric. This dark lonely atmosphere is increased by the occasional use of acoustic guitars and synth. So I guess this cd isn't for everybody. If you like 666 drumbeats per minute, you'd better waste no time on this cd, but if you like dark atmospheric metal, you should listen to this one.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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