1. Goat on fire 5:53
2. Wolves from the fog 5:17
total time 11:10


(words by Tetragrammaton, music by Mantus & Moonspell)

It is the dawn of a new morning
At the Mountains of Silver and...
"I would rather live in the ice than in the middle of
the modern virtue and other southern winds..."
(F. Nietzsche)

When the cold winds blows the fog away
Releasing dark shining shapes of the mystic forest
I embrace the Nightfall!
Old voices from ancient witches announce
the gathering of thee
...The ones of a thousand young.
Here in the North, where we comeforth to assemble.
Where I knee unto thee...
Four times one and one are all.
The four crowned Princes of Hell.
The ones with the Sygil of Evil.
Witness... the Goat on Fire. Who feed my desire.
The Goat on Fire.
A goat of the Northern Ice.
A goat with the Southern Fire.
Rex Tenebrarum! The crow over my soul.
Tremendae Majestatis! The raven inside my Heart...
Four times one and one are all.
The four crowned princes of Hell
The ones with the Sygil of Evil.
Goat on Fire... Come and feel my desire.

(WINTER 1992 e.v.)


(Words by Langsuyar & Tetragrammaton, music by Mantus & Moonspell)

Oh! Hear the howling...
As the night falls and darkness paints the sky in black
A cold Moon shines and the red somber eyes awake
The forest whispers... oh! whispers my unholy name
From a frozen Mist I rise, I, Wolf, rise!
And my brothers will attack under this blood sign...

Wolves from the fog will join in a nocturnal operetta.
When... the wind sounds bohemia
Trumpets loud bacanal, fausts and ninfs the joy of Nahima
Oh! Mistress of the Sabbat.
Soon we will be embraced by our father, the One with Horns.
Satan is rejoicing in pleasure destroying shapes of flesh.

...And once again from the Fog, with horns on head came the Wolf
carrying in his shoulder the sacrifice, a beauty to this...
Walpurgis Eve.
As to the somber image of our God, the Wolf with Horns
I walk!

(Spring 1992)

Lyrics in plain text format

Line up

Satan - source of inspiration
Langsugar T.R. - vocals
Mantus H.G.D. - lead guitar
Malah L.L. - rhythm guitar
Tetragrammaton T.M. - bass
Nisroch O.F. - drums



Soon to be unleashed is the "Under the Moonspell" mini-CD through the french label Adipocere Rds containing three opus of the most ethnic, medieval and simphonic satanic music ever!
Thou shalt not fail to witness the pure and sincere southern devotion of "Tenebrarum Oratorium" Andamento I & II and to enchaint thouself with the mystic melodies of the Moonforjed "Opus Diabolicum" Andamento III.
The release of this piece is appointed to January / February, being December the chosen month for the recording sessions at a high professional 32 channel studio.
In the meanwhile, you can still order MOONSPELL's debut demo "Anno Satanae" containing three tracks, professional printed B&W cover, booklet with lyrics and biography, printed CR02 cassettes and finally a good quality 16 tracks recording.
Available at the band's address.

Contact Address:
The Moonspell Black Metal Hordes
P.O.Box 28
2700 Brandoa


This EP contains 2 tracks that are also on the Anno Satanae demo, but I like these versions better. It's a shame they aren't released on CD. The style is the same as the Under the Moonspell album, more black metal than their later work. Even so black metal that Satan is in the member list hehe. Something that's hard to imagine with their latest albums. So if you're into older moonspell it's really worth the trouble to try and get this EP!

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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