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a wonderful majestically dark album.Agalloch combine in their music all the melancholy adn darkness that are in man's heart.Lirycs tell of love death adn suicide,but are sung/growled in a way that makes you want to hear more of them.

Review by: Tjahzi Ruakha

one of the most beautiful albums I have heard in my life. You can actualy feel the rain drips on your face, taking your tears with it - down to the earth.
Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal, with great vocals and a lot of emotion. very rare to find such beauty these days...

Review by: KS

Excellent American melo-death metal. One of the few American bands I respect.

Review by: Euphorio

What can I say about this album... It is most likely one of the best albums I ever heard. I can highly recommend this album. Agalloch is the best American band ever. The style in this album is superb. The lyric content is mostly around nature. The lead singer may often use a growl vocal. But he does it in a way so it doesn't really sound like your standard black vocal. He also sings in a clean vocal which suits the songs just perfectly...I hope that one day I will be able to see this band live. But I doubt that they ever will come to Denmark and play.

Review by: illnath

Nice is the word that describes Pale Folklore, atmospheric black/doom with a good singer and great melodies. Incredible that this band comes from the USA, it would be more typical of the North of Europe.
Let's say that the guitar parts are nothing marvellous, but it's normal in a debut album. However, the sounds of the wind and animals add much to the COLD atmosphere, so do the pretty artwork.

Review by: danchloe

This has to be my favorite album. It's beautiful with meaningful lyrics. When I listen to this, I never skip any tracks.

Review by: blodnatt

this is the best album ever!!!!!!!!!!! this albums deceives a 10 the excellence

Review by: lordofthedark

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