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Ambient doom returns in this release from the guys, i loved The Mantle so i was more than happy to fork over the money for this creation. I was as ever satisfied by the strange samples and effects used in it. Agalloch are in my opinion a fucking great band, for the moment this will keep me happy until their next release.

Review by: Huntsekker

Fuck, I didn't know "Tomorrow will never come" was released never mind "The Grey Ep". Well now i have the Grey Ep and I'm very pleased, but only with one song, namely "The Lodge - disMantled" This is 13mins of pure guitar bliss. Repetative and melancholic with drums!! Yes, it transfixes you from the opening note, a single note played with Agalloch's unique distortion, swirls aound your head and leaves you mesmerised (is it possible for a song to do this to you, ha!) And then the bass line drops when you least expect it and the result is whole new soundscape to wallow in. Praise ends. The second track is another remix "Odal - Nothing remix" but the formula is just not there. We touch on industrial territory here. This track would be at home on a Cold Meat Industry sampler. Fair play for trying a new approach but I feel this track would have been better as a hidden track on an album, you know the classic 10mins of silence then your bombarded with some sonic violence. Anyway, the EP is definitely worth your hard earned cash for the first track alone. Zephirus

Review by: zephirus

2 new remixes. both of them are quite ok, but both of them are also instrumental, thats not good cause one of the best things with agalloch is the vocals. anyways, a nice album. im really looking forward to their next full album.

Review by: homo

In "The Grey EP," Agalloch revisit two sonic masterpieces off their album "The Mantle," and the result is definitely satisfying. The first track on the album is an alternate form of 'The Lodge,' seemingly from a parallel universe to that of "The Mantle." A smooth and steady track, this 2-track release is worth buying for 'The Lodge (disMantled)' alone. While somewhat foreign, Nothing, or Jason William Walton (Agalloch's bassist) has released an interesting remix of 'Odal.' This bleak and forlorn soundscape should not be taken lightly; always LISTEN CLOSELY and you will understand. Overall, I enjoyed this release, and am looking forward to anything that Agalloch has to offer. 8/10

Review by: nathanielatr

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