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well this really isn't much. the first track is the same as the intro on the mantle so we've already heard that one. and the second track is (at least to me) a new one. the track is ok i guess even though it's instrumental with only some samples from some guy. nice guitarwork though. i would not pay more than 30 swedish kronor for this one.

Review by: homo

Finally I have obtained this rarity from the superb Agalloch. I’m not sure if it’s a requirement by the band to produce vinyl releases but I don’t have a record player so it pisses me off, lol. Anyway the first track (The Death Of Man V.III) is not worth talking about, it’s exactly the same as ‘The Mantle’ version. The B side ‘Tomorrow will never come” employs acoustic guitars and an eerie synthesised? whine to create a haunting mournful piece. But what makes this track is sample of a few crazed men rambling on about…… well your guess is as good as mine. It again shows the diversity of this act and I’m sure they’ll continue to surprise us.

Review by: zephirus

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