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the first song of ancient that i heard was "Part II: lilith's embrace" which they realesed in video(recommanded) and that song is awesome very gloom,sinister and the vocals realy outstanding!!
so i bought the cd and i was a bit disapointed 'cause most of the song are o.k+ nothing speical excpt "Part II: lilith's embrace" that is realy unique and every black metal fan should at least hear it 1,so cheak it out you might like it.

Review by: midvinter2

This album is not too bad, guitars are originals, not
"basic" bm riffs.
The intro is a deep piece of synth, followed by "the Cainian chronicle" theme which is quite coherent;
vocals are interesting.

Review by: undead'spath

This, to me, is the best Ancient album of all their releases. Epic, emotional black metal. They seem to lose their epic/majestic sound with later albums. There's a good blend of male and females vocals here along with a strong and fluid orchestration. A master work.

Review by: wolfenchanter

This album is by no means great and was definitely the commence of the decline of good Ancient material. It is still fun to listen to at times and has a few good tracks. Overall the concept of the work is a little cheezy and is quite Overdone. The album suffers from severe lag and seems to drag on forever - which it almost does at the end (a 10 minute whistle sound or whatever it is). One cool part is this interlude track with tribal drums that continuously get more intense and heavy as the song progresses - a good 'fucking' song - eventually concluding with female orgasm sounds which turn into screams and the laugh of the male who just sodomized the fucking shit out of her. good times. 7/10

Review by: shanewick

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