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I just have to love this album. Plain and simple there is not a bad song on it. Not that its a perfect album, i mean the songs are a little lengthy and some of the lyrics are kind of cheesy but that aside.This is pretty average black metal satanic lyrics,dark atmosphere the usual. But there is one track which really stands I,Madman is without a doubt one of the creepiest songs i have ever heard. They may be the comic book characters of norway but something tells me there is something far more sinister and Serious going on inside Aphazels head.

Review by: Vladtrovert

I thought this album was pretty boring. Just regular old generic plain black metal. Try the older releases.

Review by: fosvart

"I, Madman" - GREAT SONG, Jesus Christ wrote a truly demented slice of misanthropy with that song. Other stand-out tracks are; "Born In Flames", "Spritual Supremacy" and the title track. Dark atmosphere - I wasn't disappointed with this offering at all!

Review by: pannick

Well, I have heard all Ancient's six regular albums (although the ones with Aphazel on vocals only once, except Proxima) and I have to say, that this is probably their weakest. The music itself is good, but Aphazel sometimes sounds, like he didn't really want to do the vocals (Kaiaphas was really better, Aphazel just doesn't seem to be putting his soul to voice). And Deadly Kristin... her voice is really weak from the begining (though it gets better towards the end). I cannot give it more, that 50%.

My opinions may change, because this review was written right after my first listen to the album.

Review by: Nokturrnus

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