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This album rules!! and many are the reasons for this: Lord Kaiaphas has one of the best voices in black metal (also listen to his performance in The Cainian Chornicles!). Song composition is very varied, with raw black metal parts, melodic, viking, weird, theatrical... to me it is one of the best albums I've got. The only bad thing about it is maybe the rather poor production, but it doesn't matter at all to me. Someone said they had become Cradle of Filth clones with this album... I completely disagree. What is definitely true is that they abandon the more primitive norwegian black metal style of their previous works.

Review by: Twi666

At first listening, this album sounds strange, not bm at all. But after some more time, it goes better;
my favorite song is "Willowthewisp" which is a tragical piece with violent influences. Eventualy, some original

Review by: undead'spath

This is one of the most interesthing albums ever in Black Metal scene. Or perhaps this shouldn't be labelled purely into BM, it's more like a BM combined to gothic metal. The music is quite grim, but beautiful as well. Kaiaphas' vocals are again something unbelievable amazing, which is the strongest part of the album. Very personal style he has, sharp screaming mostly, but also lower grunts and some very beautiful clean vocals. The best songs are Um Sonho Psycodelico, The Draining, Willothewisp, The Emerald Tablet and Mercyful Fate cover Black Funeral, which is though a little funny what comes to high vocals. This album is a real masterpiece, check it out if you haven't already.

Review by: Tindra84

This one is the best by this band. I've heard the newer albums but this one is by far the best of Ancient. Very well written Norwegian black metal. A must get.

Review by: Studster

I read the reviews about this album on metal-archives and was a bit surprised. The average rating was 26% and the highest rating was only 50%. Does that mean that it is a terrible album? I don't think so!

This album is quite atypical for bm and has a lot of gothic influence. There are faster songs as well as slower bits. The music is pure agression and melody and Kaiaphas adds his shrieks above it. Some may not agree with me, but I think Erichte has one of sweetest voices in metal. And the MF cover is really decent (although not as good as original). The only thing I can't get into is a song titled 5, which is basically Exu II (Exu was a song on their previous album The Cainian Chronicle).

Review by: Nokturrnus

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