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For all those who understand what black metal REALLY mean. A bunch of songs with a strong flavour of norwegian wood, characterized by a dark atmosphere and enriched by some good acoustic breaks. This is from 1994, or the peak of NBM rise.

Review by: nebbia

This one is from the year 1994, when norwegian bm-scene was getting known. Ancient's first full-lenght album "Svartalvheim" is a good example, what kind of music was done in that time. Songs like Trumps of an archangel,Huldradans,Det glemte riket and Paa evig vandring are very good ones with Grimm's vocals and Aphazel's great guitarsolos, especially Huldradans includes one of the greatest solos ever made!! Not maybe the best Ancient album but it will sure work out if you listen it alone in your room when winterfrost is behind your window!

Review by: Arkku

this has to be one of the most original black metal bands ever!!! i prefer this album much more than their newer stuff, this album is much more different than the usual black metal! its one of my favorites in my collection. a must have for anyone building a black metal collection!! truly a classic!!!

Review by: amadeodium

this an classic and masterpiece real norwagian black metal album!

Review by: Beyto

This album was my first taste of Ancient, and i liked it! The album is Black Metal with some folkish elements, ie. the use of acoustic guitar. The small acoustic sections are great, they create an interesting atmosphere. Something that stands out to me is the vocals, unlike those of any other band ive heard... well, in short, I love this album, it has a very dark atmosphere, and is very skilfully played.
Stand Out Tracks: Huldradans, Call of the Absu Deep
Hail True Norwegian Black Metal

Review by: natte_skygge

The only real essential Ancient album. Fathers of the nordic BM scene although unfairly criticized for being followers, this band never really got much credit - but blame their later releases for that. This album brings to mind Immortal's Fullmoon Mysticism at times, however has more of a vampiric/gothic feel to it due to the use of keyboards. I real original piece of work considering the time of realease. This album is an underated masterpiece.

Review by: shanewick

The only LP album of this band worth listening. However it's great. Clightly comparable with Gorgoroth Pentagram. Gorgoroth has maneskyggens slave. Ancient has Paa evig vandring. Its in my personal top five of Norwegian BM. No shit its that good. Earily howling wings, det glemte riket and Paa evig Vandring are classics. Ladies and gentleman! Get this and listen until you like it. Heh.

Review by: Mac

one of the most depressing black metal album ever, music seems to come from afar, somewhere from humid caves. The voice is a dusty crying weep. it's a pity that the other works by ancient don't equal this one....... fucking grey!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: o

This is Ancient's only album back when they were TNBM (true norwegian black metal). It features only two people, vocalist/drummer Grimm and multi-instrumentalist Aphazel.

This album reminds me of Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism by Immortal - the sound is very similar (and hard to describe, you have to hear it to know). Most of the songs are in Norwegian language, only 3 are English (including my favorite from this album The Call Of The Absu Deep). Although I prefer albums with Kaiaphas, this is not that bad and if you are into black metal, you should hear this album at least once.

Review by: Nokturrnus

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