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I'd first heard this band on a compilation album about a year ago and have been trying to gather all of their albums since. This is the last of their four regular studio albums that I acquired.

This album probably ranks in as my favorite Ancient Rites album. It has better production than Diabolic Serenades, but still has the thrashy rythems and dark atomosphere.

My favorite tracks from it are:
"(Het Verdronken Land Van) Saeftinge"
"Garden Of Delights (EVA)"
"Quest For Blood (Le Vampire)"

The whole thing is great actually. If you have Diabolic Serenades and like that, GET THIS! However, if you're a fan of the more melodic stuff, such as on Dim Carcosa, it may be too agressive for you.

Review by: PillarsOfDrear

Great fuckin album of the best live band in belgium. Buy or be gay

Review by: testicle omelette stomper

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