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one of the most important metal albums in belgian history! and certainly one of the best too, with great songs like aris (with a dutch part in it), mother europe and dying in a moment of splendour... this band has the damn qualities to be very populair in the black metal world, but they are so much underrated, for an unknown reason... i really hope there will be a day that they stand at the top of the black metal world. they deserve it as they have great melodies, guitar parts, vocals and lyrics. it's surely not your typical black metal band that sings about worshipping satan or some other shit but the lyrics are about european history (mostly the history of flanders), but also satanism, seen from another viewpoint than bands like for example dimmu borgir. it's much more "scientific" maybe...
so if you like black metal and you're out for something new and refreshing, check out ancient rites! even if you're not into black metal (actually AR is the band that brought me into black metal)

Review by: diabolicum

this is a piece of art in BM. Specialy because of the lyrics and atmosphere. You must really buy this album!!! even if you don't really like BM at all you will love it!

Review by: enigma

this is a fcukni gr8 albun, but dis iz jst gr8 becuz it has my naem in it!!! the 3rd or 2nd song "aris" is da absolut best m4n jst listen tothe fcuking song izz about me (: buy or dye!!!

Review by: shadespawn

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