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This is an AWESOME black metal cd, from an AWESOME black metal band. What could you expect of a band with Garm on the vocals and Hellhammer on the drums? And also, bass player Skoll and guitarrist August (from Tritonus). It's just amazingly good. Garm's vocals are insanely pretty and the keyboards are wonderful. Songs like The Chaos Path and The Throne of Tragedy are astounding.

Review by: The Hierophant

It's just so emotional, so beautiful and dark! This is the way metal should be done but no other can do it like this. Only the masters are allowed to reach this heights. Masterfully played and composed melodies, superb musicianship and beautiful and really poetic lyrics. It's just so amazing to hear and read lyrics that do not talk about Satan in the moronic way almost every other black metal band does. This is real poetry, in fact the lyrics include a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, the master of horror stories, so you really get the point.
And in the performance you get, besides the astounding music by Sverd, the incredible vocals from Simen Hestnaes and the master himself, Kris Rygg. I do not think there is anything more to say than that. 10 out of 10

Review by: punkiller

La Masquerade Infernale... what a great title for a music cd... Music cd i said? just a compact disc with some kind of music in there? no...i can't accept that... this is one of the most shattering combination of great Arts... you can mention everything for that... Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Baudlaire and Marquis De Sade...all these non-metal effects with this utter concrete electronical touch...the great artwork...the amazing choirs...Simen Hestnaes and Garm in "The Chaos Path" (how more lyrical and touching could be anything?)...The Classic Music...Metal...Electronica...Avant Garde(hmmm)...Ad Astra...ARCTURUS

no..this is not just a music creates several feeling to those who gives rise to many acoustic delights to those who can is the path to many places for those who can go...

vote for this album? can you vote your feelings? if i could.. it could be only...

Review by: carheart

Great cd, love the vocals, love the music, a MUST HAVE. People who hate this dont know shit about music!

Review by: testicle omelette stomper

AMAZING album!!!!!!!!!!
Garm - voice
Hellhammer - drums
Skoll - bass
August - guitar
Sverd - keys
What did you expect?

Review by: Hellkylie

Weird music but listenable. It reminds me the times: let's be as technical, crazy and extreme as Morbid Angel used to be.

Review by: manos

Wow, the genius here is unsurmountable. A jester circus of deceptive nature. A merry-go-round of eccentric madness. Fuck, i'm just lost for words trying to describe this album without metaphors. Go buy it.

Review by: shanewick

After a long time waiting at last I had the chance to get this release in my Stereo, and itīs a very well done album, beside the fact that itīs a slightly diffrent version of the Marvelous Masquerade, what makes this album nice is the exerimentation, but to be honest I like a lot more the Ulverīs way to manage this kind of para-metal, thereīs no better word for this kind of music, anyway, open your minds or keep listening old Arcturus, anyway a lilīelectronics arenīt so bad when they are played this good

Review by: XIBALBA

AMAZING album!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: iudicium

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