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One thing that you do when you make a review is to look for some comparative points... this album is nothing new... but man this is almost a masterpiece.
If I have learned something listening to black metal is that there is an obligatory point of change, not every band survives this complex process, but these guys know what their business is about. This album is a nice example of the good evolution of the now deceased black metal genere, the past of time and the radical line up changes are something that Arcturus has managed to survive, the music is just great, the nice production, the nice vocals and all the artistic direction makes this production a hard to miss release, metal changes, everything changes... but Arturus still ROCKS!!!!!

Review by: xibalba

I think Vortex sounds amazing in this album. Since every album I have heard from Arcturus has had different sounds, I can't say he sonds better than Garm. The albums are different. It sounds like a brand new band but still has that Arcturus allure. I wish Hellhammer had done more with his drumming but he is a god and he can do whatever he wants.

Review by: anaimmortal

new arcturus album and this is the second best album after aspera.....
great keyboards and riffs,this time with ICX Vortex(Dimmu Borgir) back on vocals!
great release best track:Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer

Review by: the priest

Great album. Simen does a good job here replacing Garm. The overall atmosphere is a bit different due to his voice, but this is still 100% Arcturus.

Review by: PolSnoek

arcturus new album are... fantastic!!!!... is motherfucker fantastic!!!, this is a perfect example of a good evolution of black metal must to be, donīt you not wait classic ripping voice of black metal style, but the magic clean voice of vortex are really great, for me... a great album...

Review by: northvisions

this album by arcturus is very diferent than the other albums. The lineup now includes Simen Hestnaes (ics vortex) of dimmu borgir and borknagar on the vocals instead of garm. Vortex does his clean vocals on most of the album, which i think is good. ( big fan of vortex's backups in dimmu ) This album might be a bit harder to get into at first, because of how diferent it is. This album isnt as dark and twisted as other albums Arcturus has produced but it is defintly a classic. You will either love it or hate it. i give it an 8/10

Review by: cynical897

a great album , a lot of symphonic black metal and good vocal parts done by mr. Hestnaes . it will be a classic album for few years from now , believe me !

Review by: skwara

After a few years with little word from the long-standing side-project band of Arcturus, a new album arose from the deep reaches of space from this out of the world band. This is the first full-length album from Arcturus that didn't have Garm at the head with his unique avant-garde vocals. Instead, Simen Hestnaes, AKA ICS Vortex, made a glorious return to work with Arcturus once more. Originally showcasing his talent in Arcturus' 1997 masterpiece of La Masquerade Infernale as a background vocalist, Simen was finally able to take lead for the band's vocals, and his odd off-centered singing seems to fit right in with Arcturus' naturally avant-garde musical style.

Overall, this album isn't quite as much of a masterpiece that most of their earlier releases were. However, had any other band put out this album, it would be praised strongly. The album is laced with keyboards and atmospheric sounds that provide a strong feeling of space, emptiness, and the eternal reaches that lie beyond. The guitars in this album provide a similar effect, with a bit of an epic twist. Overall, I give this album a 9 out of 10, because it is largely a good album, despite a few snags here and there that sound a bit awkward. The best songs, in my opinion, are Hibernation Sickness Complete and Reflections.

Review by: Deatheaven

Let me just begin by saying that Arcturus has been in my top 10 bands for the last 5 years. I really miss Garm (or whatever name he goes by nowadays) because he's one of the only guys in BM that can really pull off clean vocals without effort or backup but he has been replaced. My main hope was that the this wouldn't be similar to the Olden's Domain ---> Archaic Course trasition that took place with Borknagar after Garm was replaced by this same vocalist. Cause that would have sucked. Well, luckily this album was not a disappointment although it is by no means up to par with anything else they're released. Maybe its because I can't help myself but to constantly replay tracks 2 and 5 over and over again and never listen to the full album in whole. Its the only Arcturus release that definitely has standout tracks which i usually consider to be a weakness for album's as a whole but these tracks are so dam good , who cares. Overall a really good album with 2 of their best tracks ever!! Shanewick 9/10

Review by: shanewick

I was pretty disappointed when Garm from ULVER left the band
because he is an superb vocalist and musician.
Now I see I was right... dont let me wrong, this album isnt bad no, it is good, but not excellent as previous Arcturus albums.
Level of originality and powerful moments is lower then on
La masquerade and Sham mirrors, vocalwork is also not bad but still a way worse.
From the avant-garde elite band like Arcturus I expected bit more.
82% avantgardx

Review by: avantgardx

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