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Bloodbath's first outing, "Breeding Death" is a tribute to oldschool death metal, and it achieves its mission. Less of a tribute to Swedish metal, but to death metal in general, the album breaks no new ground, but what it does is evoke a feeling of nostalgia for the old days. Their full length cd, which follows, is more in the vein of old Entombed, Carnage, Dismember, etc. It may only contain three songs, but it is highly recommended.

Review by: abyss

This is probably one of the most underated bands on earth, they kick ass, but people just don't get what they do at all. I have all the albums (including this one which is out of print from what I hear) and they are all great. Bloodbath diserves more attention what they got.

Review by: Hagnar

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