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The Greatest Album ever for bloodbath...killer vocals.
go and buy it.." if u really wanna feel eaten from inside and to crawl on earth with the dead"

Review by: bloodbath

Bloodbath made a huge step making this album,its one of the most brutal killer albums is a msterpiece,
i recommend everyone to buy it .this music takes to another world where blood is the life theme and fear is the only feeling you can feel......the new vocalist did a great job there ,he has awsome skills.

Review by: bloodbath

Bloodbath... Unbelievable. Simply consuming. The riffs and vocals get lodged inside your head and repeat until you satisfy this unpleased urge to listen to the specific song. I'm not a fan of death metal but Bloodbath has changed my whole opinion. Amazing music. Go buy it. They are the next huge hit.

Review by: slipknotpsychoman

well, this cd just crushes. I think the production is a lot better than on Resurrection Through Carnage, it's more in your face. The guitars are crushing, the drums are pummelling, and Peter's vocals are simply demonic. He's one of my favourite death metal vocalists because of his diversity. I like this one a lot more than RTC, mostly because of the vocals. I love Mikael, but he only does low screams on it and I know he is more diverse than that. The solos on this one are also epic. Stand-out tracks Brave New Hell, Outnumbering the Day, Eaten, Bastard Son of God.


Review by: False Messiah

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