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One of the best cd's of the last years. Only a few have been so fucking massive since Entombed's "Clandestine" or Dismember's "Like an Ever flowing Stream". The true spirit of Real Death Metal is captured on "Resurrection through Carnage".

Review by: Julkarn

Alrigth !!!!!!! Fucking great music by Akerfeldt & co.
It's very different than the sound of Opeth.
The grunches of Akerfeldt are just perfect. Ressurection trough carnage is THE perfect album. BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

Mikael does an amazing job on vocals, though the guitar sound is pretty choppy, it give the effect that they are trying to get. This album will certainly make you Cry Mikael's Name

Review by: Dire

It should be one of the best Death Metal cds released in 2002, and I should say that it is good for them to stick with oldschool style, as I do not really appreciate many new death metal bands nowadays, because they try to make things so complex and the feeling is not great at all.

Highly Recommend to all die hard death metal fans.


Review by: Ahlan

This album is overrated, standard death metal with nothing special, and the Akerfeldt grunts are not so great.
And yes, the line-up is impressive, but the music NOT !
Not bad though, the song 'Mass strangulation' deserves a listen.

Review by: danchloe

This album had me hooked from the first time I heard 'Bathe in Blood' and i've been listening to it almost every day since I got it (like 6 months ago). It brings back the true Edge of Sanity early 90s death metal sound. I love the choppy guitars and the loose skin drums. And as a vocalist, MIKAEL! YOUR MY FUCKING IDOL!


Review by: Flal

Well first of all this is a classic old school album, the songs aren't original the guys just wanted to sound like Swedish bands entombed etc. Bloodbath is much more than a side project 'cause this album was to mangle minds

Review by: carlos h

THIS IS Death Metal! THAT IS the way it should be played! Brutal, dark, evil and technical. Old school death metal played the modern way. The biggest surprise of the last 5 years! Michael rules! I am awaiting their next release. 10/10.

Review by: Forestarm!!!!!!!!wow what a great album never hear sow good death metal!!!!10/10

Review by: sven

Yeahhhhh this is what i've been waiting fot a loooong time, through i don't like Death Metal and especially gore theme, this album is awsome!I hope this will continue not only as a side project but as a fully compitent band!

Review by: Demon Hunter

MAN...listening to this BLOODBATH cd makes me wanna kick someones fuckin-ass!!! Wanna grow some balls?!?! Play this & awake DEATH!!!

Review by: frank castillo

Great album, death metal cant get any better than this, one of my favorite DM albums EVER, Mikeals vocals are just supreme(a little different from opeth).

Review by: Vomit

Do you remember how frustrating it was when Entombed released the utterly awesome, but very different, Wolverine Blues? I was sooooo looking forward to a new album of creepy, spooky, and catchy death metal, but it wasn't to be. I guess that band was never content to just stand still. And do you remember when you heard how fucking horrible the production was on Dismember's Indecent and Obscene, and how they'd forgotten how to write memorable songs? It was pretty depressing. Sweden 1989-1991 was SUCH a magnificent sound, and yet we have so few truly classic albums in that style.

Fear not! Bloodbath are here! Oh yeah, total classic Swedeath from the blistering Entombed guitar sound to the production to the tunes. In fact, the songs are often even more well constructed than some of your favourites, believe it or not. Every song has some central theme, whether it be a riff, a chorus, or a lyric, that makes it stand out. No song goes by unnoticed. Take a bow gentlemen! This record makes me grin from start to finish.

My only complaints are that in reproducing that classic sound, they've reproduced one of it's faults. I was never a big fan of the Left Hand Path/Dark Recollections dull snare sound. It's a bit tighter here, but still. Also, people seem to love Mike from Opeth on this album, and he is bloody good, but I'd like to hear a few more variations in his singing, rather than just low low low all the time.

Despite these two little niggles, it's still one of the most complete and satisfying death metal records I've ever heard, and all executed with the holy grail of guitar sounds! Arrrrrrgggggh! And does anyone know if the red Boss Heavy Metal distortion pedal they keep talking about is still available? There's a red one available now called a Mega-Distortion, but I don't know if it sounds the same.

9/10 skulls.

Review by: Tom Satan

This Album is one of the Best Death Metal Albums yet it's just got good riffs good drums just generally good although the spng "Bathe in Blood" is by far the best thing on this CD it's just a great song to play or just rock out to \m/

Review by: Amdusias

Holy shit, talk about the biggest names of black and death meatl coming into the same studio and recording an old-school death metal album...Amazing shit, Dan Swano and Mikael Akerfeldt kick ass. Rock on and get this album. 10/10!

Review by: MetallicOpeth

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