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bloodthorn gets better with each album, and this one really kicks ass. A really great production, and the songs are heavy kickin' ass!! the cover of mayhems deathcrush also is cool. we'll hear from this band in the future!

Review by: blackstar666

This album is great !!!! I enjoy Bloodthorn playing black/death music...exciting !!!! not their early boring shit that will make you fucki....

Review by: ahlan

Bloodthorns music-style is quite different on Under The Reign of Terror than on their previous releases, which is only to be looked upon as an advantage. On this album they have parted from their previosly symphonic/melodic form of metal, and moved over to a more extreme and brutal death/black metal which seems to fit them more. The vocal performanses by Krell is higly improved and is essential on this cd. Nevertheless, what makes this album to what it is, is the extremely catching groove due to the brutality. Listening to this album makes you want to go straight into a war, or to go chop your neighbours head off! Along with the lyrics the music on this extremely great album is one of the mightiest and insane war-metal releases. My personal favorites are "demonblood" and "on the fields of blood".
By the way; their cover of nayhems "deathcrush" is the best fucking version of the song!

Review by: arg torden

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