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excellent old-school brutal death metal. sometimes it reminds me some early Vader albums (Ultimate Incantation). pure fuckin' metal taken to an darkness and brutality extreme.


Review by: shapeshifter

this is what we can call a death metal classic. not only because of the big name, and the early release, but the music is really excellent. straight forward, brutal uncompromising, and still not boring. even the first riffs, after the spoken intro with sounds of machinery in background make you bang your head, and feel the urge to turn up the volume, if you want it or not. speed changes from more grooving to raging fast drum blasts. guitars sound very deep tuned, so the whole things sound like 200 tons future war machines or some shit, don´t know. But the best thing about the album is that its quality ioncreases every time you listen to it. at first few runs, you like the whole thing, while later you realize the specific characteristics of the single songs, so the album has more to offer then one thinks at first. a lot of good ideas, what concerns songwriting, but never penetrant, abrupt changes, the album is nevertheless incredibly compact.

best songs:eternal war, lost souls domain ;-) , world eater

Review by: Keller

Burn the Heretic!
Kill the Mutant!
Purge the Unclean!
...In the Emperors name

Review by: inkvizítor

This was the first Bolt Thrower I had heard, and if I remember correctly, I didn't like it at first! That soon changed after a couple more listens- I now consider this a Death/Thrash Metal classic. My standout tracks are "Through the Eyes of Terror", "All That Remains", "Realm of Chaos" and "Prophet of Hatred". 8/10

Review by: pannick

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