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What the f*** is this??? I think Chiva recorded this rubbish in his garage with a children's keyboard and his guitar.
I've really never heard such a lousy crap. There is no atmosphere, only really shitty sounding music.
I don't really know what that is... This is no Black Metal (really NOT!!!), this is no Dark Metal, this is... hm... how should I explain...
I know which word fits: this is simply BULLSHIT.
Nothing more.

My advice to every reader of this review: DON'T BUY IT!!!

Review by: warhellhammer

An outstanding album, with the catchy "narcotic" atmosphere. Mad, ill-consciousness compositions, but difficult to stop the listening. Otherwise, it's enough for 30 minutes, it would be difficult for comprehension to listen it more than this.

Review by: collant

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