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this is when coroner really took over from the crap that was around the world at the time the likes of VOIVOD(which i notice are not on this site) and coroner started a new sound that was called techno metal (not techno techno techno techno) but a new style of metal for the thinking man not the fucked up ravers. the whole reason for listening to metal was and still is described in this first of the big change albums. coroner you changed my life FOREVER and for the good thanks

Review by: treefingers

another irrefutable prove of coroner's immense talent, but not able, as his three predecessors,to ravish one soul to exaltated bleeding...........

Review by: o

Technical Thrash. Very interesting and INTENSE cd. "Divine Step", "Semtex Revolution" and "Metamorphosis" are definite stand-outs. What Coroner did on this cd was simply upping the ante on their technical side of playing. More intense and acrobatic riffing. Longer song structures. Complex rhythm changes without completely disrupting the flow of the song. Coroner became the Masters of Technical Thrash at this point in their career. A MUST HAVE 10/10.

Review by: pannick

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