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Holy shit! How can anyone not have reviewed this awesome album? The song 'Masked Jackal' alone is worth the purchase of this great thrash disc.

I saw this band live in 89' in America and the fucking bass player almost made me shit my pants with his playing/singing ability. I can truly say that the only other person I've seen with that much skill is Geddy Lee.

I could have done without the 'Purple Haze' cover, but this disc is a staple in the collection of any true 'old school' metalhead.


Review by: The Coroner

this album came out one year only after rip...i think this is enough to place coroner in the highest rank of metal artists
mind the lyrics...

Review by: o

Yes. This is another Thrash Metal "Must Have". I agree with "The Coroner's" review in that "Purple Haze" is pretty weak. Especially given the fact that the whole album is less than 40 minutes in length to begin with. I do give Coroner a huge amount of credit with the timing of this release- it proved that they were going to be around for a while!

Review by: pannick

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