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one of the best thrash metal albums ever,guitar riffs like liquid razor sharps,vocals from the deepest depths of the infernal lungs...this album never got what it really deserved
2 tracks above all: SPIRAL DREAM - WHEN ANGELS DIE

Review by: o

Yes! I agree with what "o" says in his review... add "Reborn Through Hate" and "Coma". Let's face it- there's not a single "bad" song on Coroner's first offering. When I first purchased this album, I really didn't know what to expect having not read or listened to anything from Coroner in the first place. I was blown away by this release, and instantly became a huge fan. True, this album never received the recognition it should have. If you're a thrash metal fan, YOU MUST ADD THIS CD TO YOUR COLLECTION! It's easy to find and reasonably priced. This is as good as German Thrash gets. 10/10

Review by: pannick

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