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After hearing a number of Songs from At The Gates, I decided they were worthy enough to recive my earned cash in return for an album. Upon researching the album names of each song I heard from them, I decided that slaughter of the soul was what I was looking for. After I got it, I found out that I made a VERY good descision indeed, this album simply ROCKS. At The Gates doesn't sound particularly weird, and leans towards the more "normal" of metal I like, but don't be mistaken, they are unique. The highlight of this album are the guitars, the riffs are catchy sure, but just the general SOUND. aw yeah! They sound like you have surround sound speakers in and auditorium with a simple pair of headphones! I dunno how they do it, but I've never heard anything like it, and I really don't think I will ever again unless At The Gates reforms and creates another album.

At The gates is a wonderful band, with huge amounts of talant, but the sound quality (not esthetic, although that's good too) is simply better than anything else I've heard.

You'd be a fool not to want this album. The drums were ok, I didn't notice anything particularly special about them. Nothing bad, nothing good, just what you'd usually expect of music of this calibre, and the vocals are fine as well. I've somewhat of a fetish over a wide-range of vocals, low, high, (though not clean) you get the idea. However, The vocals in this sound good, they just don't do anything outstanding.

Overall, this is one of the best albums, understand I'm a critic, and I try to look at everything in everyway. if you think for some strange reasons guitars aren't important to metal, and you need some seriously new vocals, I suggest trying it first, otherwise, I'm pretty certain you're safe in buying this right away.

Review by: Ghaleon

in this album, the vocals and guitars are standard at the gates material (that is, fucking awesome!!!), the bass goes on unheard, and the dums dont do much, except the normal ass kicking that we can be used to. but then comes the last song, the flames of the end, and every true metal fan will cum blood in an instant. that song is beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Review by: theexorcist

Of all the metal albums I heard in my life (and that's a whole lot of records, believe me) never did I came across something this good, NEVER. SOTS is, simply put, the most amazing extreme/death metal album I heard. His strongest point is consistency, every song on this album being needed. What amazed me the most is the absence of even the shortest moment of "filling": No song on this get me bored, as if every second of this record is needed, like the piece of a puzzle ; each piece collide with each other, and the result is a 35 minutes journey into the realm of melodic swedish death metal, shrouded in a socially critical lyrical theme.
"There won't be another dawn"
Besides the fact that this is my favorite record of all times, everyone got to admit that this album is a milestone on his own. Some may argue that it wouldn't be as an important record if they had not broke up after this, but whatever. These guys spawned a million of clones and this album MUST be own by any true metalhead. Get this or die ignorant.
"We will reap as we have sown".

Review by: arckangell

Absolute classic swedish death metal record.
One of the best without a doubt.

Review by: Vanguard

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