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This is the first death metal album i heard. I shall start my reviews here, :).
Actually, I like balckmetal more nowadays, but this band is so important for me, as for lotsa metalmaniac in the world.

Review by: halfy

This is a real KICK ASS album, Chuck sings and plays like never before, and drummer Sean Reinert is playing like a motherfucker!!!(check out the drums on "Lack Of Comprehension" this is a real must have for any metal fan, it's one of the best Death or die

Review by: Jerry

First so technical Death's album
And very good of course
Great drum parts (check out intro!) by Reinert and very good work by Masvidal (both from Cynic - check that band either), Di Giorgio and of course Chuck
Some say this album changed the history of death metal - you must listen to it

Review by: mik

This is one awesome album Sean Reinert rules his drum play is excellent. And some great riffs too!!!!!!!

Review by: Kipje84

I've heard people slag this album as being to technical or not as brutal as earlier Death albums but it's wicked.You really can hear the Cynic influence on this one but man what a good record.The riffs are heavy,the production is clear and Chuck's vocals are as raspy as ever.Not an album to be thrown in a pile and forgotten.

Review by: lightninboltz

Being into ALMOST every style of music, for some reason, i tended to shy away from Death Metal. That was untill about 2 years ago when i bought Human (as an experiment). I had heard from several different sources that it was/is the best Death Metal album of all time, so i thought, 'what the hell, take a chance'. And stone me, they were right. It is a truly awesome album. Crunching guitars both heavy and technical, superb drumming and wonderful bass lines. I had never heard anything quite like it. First time i thought , sh*t, this heavy, but by the 3rd listen i was hooked!!! Flattening of emotions, suicide machine, secret face, together as one, all truly amazing, and not forgetting the sublime Cosmic Sea. I cannot pick a duff track on the album. Since then i have purchased the whole back catalogue of Death albums, and each one has something special, but in my view, HUMAN will never be topped. A Massive 10 out of 10 from me!!! (Millage)

Review by: millage

who could forget this cd. it is by far the best the band has came out with,but all death cd's.rule.chuck schuldiner
is one of the god fathers of death metal. the drums are precise with the hands,and feet blasting away with technical excelence. the guitars are killer,and the bass is excelent also. this cd. should rank in your top five as it does mine. if you don't have this cd. i think you can still get it,and it's worth every penny.a must have!

Review by: celtic legions

Great cd, the guitar and bass playing is tight and the drums from Sean Reinert are very good, but Gene Holgan from Individual Thought Patterns and Symbolic is better, but very good none the less.


Death kinda flows away from the true "Death" sound of yesteryear. This is a good album, but a little different than the other albums. For instance, "Cosmic Sea", is really an astral sounding song. I like this album, but definately not Death's best.

When I was talking with Chuck back stage, I remember him telling me that pepole need to learn how to pronounce his last name which would sound like this..shool-deener. Chuck was a real people person. RIP Chuck. Hopefully we'll see you soon.

Review by: Studster

Even though it's a masterpiece, and probably the best death album as regards production, HUMAN IS THE WORST DEATH ALBUM OF ALL TIMES. Mastering technique is not always synonim of mastering emotional ravishment............

Review by: o

NOW we're talking. Death's first huge leap in the direction of godliness. The acoustic breaks, the technicality, the vocals, the's all wonderful. I'm not usually in favour of instrumental tracks, but Cosmic Sea always astounds me. Right up there with my favourite Death cds, but still not quite what I need to be completely satisfied. 9.5/10

Review by: False Messiah

chuck is god!!! is one of the best things that a mother has benn able to give birth. missing you always... loving you forever... forgetting you never... (r.i.p.)may/13/1967-dec/13/2001 "live is so fast, so take your chance and make it last" one of the best guitar players of the cosmos without a doubt

Review by: mistress

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