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One of the most 'jazz' albums by Death
Very technical and just great - no surprises here :)
Very interesting bass parts by Di Giorgio and of course a lot of great riffs and solos by Chuck and Andy

As usually... 10/10

Review by: mik

before i used to hate death, first album i heard from them was the sound..., never have heard their old stuff till one day, a local black metal band whom i forgot their name played a cover song of the philosopher, i saw how the music was played, and loved it
i went and look for the hole album and it sounded great, and i wish i could remember my saviors name to thank them

Review by: Siberian Skies

induvidual thought patterns is an album of changes once
again for death the most incredibel in my mind is the addition of king diamonds andy la rocue on leads for a
few songs (wich mind you did not extend on to the tour)
as much as bolth chucks and andys styles were complex
they were contrasted majorly but it worked brilantly as
bolth showcased superior abilitys on "trapped in a corner"
thats the best duete solo on the record lets see kirk hammet and james hetfiled do that!!!! acustic guitar was
carryed over from portions of human as well for "destinys" oppener. lyrics follow the same pillosophical views of humanitarian justice and personal revolations wich chuck knows how to deliver best. but this is not just a lame attempt at fortifying death into americas melodic deathmetal catagory, this is a valiant effort that delivers as promised a leathal dose of the genera death created.

Review by: bill

Another masterpiece by Death. You've gotta have this one Gene Hoglan kicks ass

Review by: Kipje84

A true classic-jazz album..
every thing is great in this one..
drum..solos..and especially base guitar by digorgio
nothing more could I say..just get it..
you will undrestand What I've said...
Hail Death..Hail Chuck(R.I.P)

Review by: Forgotten_1298

This album took me a while to get into. But the more i listened to it, the more i grew to love it. Steve Di' bass is truly fantastic, in fact, the whole album is blinding. Chuck wrote some classic Death metal tracks on this album, and there are some wonderful solo's and lead parts on this one. Trapped in a corner, Jealousy, and the title track are total quality. Well, the whole album is really, but then i would say that about any DEATH album. And bearing in mind that my favourite band of all time is The Smiths!!! Well, if i rave about Death like this then they must have been f*cking good!!!

Review by: millage

It's the best DEATH METAL album ever made by anyone!!!
U must have it!!!
It's real music - not fuckn' shit like some brutal-death metal albums...
Don't wanna say who I'm thinkin' of :P

Review by: Pojar

This record is the perfect transition point between the old straight forward Death and the newer Death with a bit more melodic and jazzy stylings of Sound of Perseverance. (Dont get me wrong SoP is still super heavy). ITP is for the Death fan who loves both ends of the Death spectrum because this album sits somewhere in the middle. Hoglan kicks some serious ass on this record. Out of Touch, Destiny, Trapped in a Corner, and the Philosopher are all standout tracks in my opinion.

Review by: angus

The best of death's albums, very technical. Although I am a black metal fan and truly hate death metal, this one is better than the whole BM scene. R.I.P.Chuck - one of the best guitar players ever

Review by: Vargulf

This is one of my favorite Death albums. Well, actually, it's impossible to compare an entire discography of perfection, but I like the blend of the old and the new. Chuck is easily my favorite artist, and every year on the day of his death I listen to every album they put out. Nothin' better than Death.

Review by: False Messiah

I love this cd. The jazz is very prevalent, but still blended excellently with the death metal. Musicianship and lyrics are amazing. Tied for second-favourite Death cd. 9.9/10

Review by: False Messiah

Pure metal in its best form. Fast, powerful and very clear sharp beat. After finding out about this band, there will be not much left to hear. ITP its their biggest achievement IMHO. Must have for any metal mind. Enjoy!

Review by: podsmokiem

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