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Totally my favorite demo of DEATH especially when Kam Lee is on vocals . A band ahead of there time to bad they didn't get a record contract when this demo came out it would have been a Killer! It's also to bad they only used the 666 in there logo for a short time I 'm pretty sure that was Kam Lee's idea. This inspired all the rest of the bands Savage Death, Repulsion, Slaughter, Terrorizer,and Napalm Death.

Review by: havohej

It's a demo live, a demo live from a band that has never published a full-leght album...FUCK, ARE YOU ALL AWARE OF THIS???? this is a masterpiece, even better than scream bloody gore, and one of the best death metal live album of all time (an example, entangled in chaos by morbid angel, compared to this, is totally shit, and i'm a fan of morbid angel....)

Review by: o

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