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If you want get the most brutal and truculent sound of the eighties (and nineties...) check this out!
8 songs, 8 classics, thanks Chuck & Rick (songwriters), Bill & Terry (Bloody rhythm section!!!) and Dan Johnson (Producer and God of sound)!!!
Favourite picks? The title track, Forgotten past and Primitive ways!!!!

Review by: sepi

Another death metal classic
A big step forward since 'Scream Bloody Gore'
Great lyrics - serious and philisophical (it remain of this type on all the rest albums - Chuck was the great lyric writer...)
The music is still evolving towards technical playing

Just another great Death's album...

Review by: mik

This comes a VERY close second to HUMAN as far as i'm concerned. From start to finish it is a fantastic heavy duty album. The vocals are slightly more understandable than on Scream Bloody Gore and Chuck had certainly matured in his songwriting ability. Pull the plug has one of my favourite solos of all time. Open casket has the great 'slowdown' part and the title track is simply superb. Again, like human, not a duff track on the album.8 Hard songs of pure genius. I can't give it a 10 as i did HUMAN but certainly a 9.999999 out of 10 will suffice.

Review by: millage

A true classic and one of the best death metal albums.
it brutal and harsh start to finish. If you havent heard this album before I recommed you do now.

Best songs: born dead/forgotten past/left to die/choke on it

Review by: Crushed Cold Flesh

I ran the lights for this band 3 different times at a metal club in Fort Worth. Leprocy is probably the best Death album of all times. It brings the true "Death" sound out with an atmosphere of dead bodies everywhere.

When I was talking with Chuck back stage, I remember him telling me that pepole need to learn how to pronounce his last name which would sound like this..shool-deener. Chuck was a real people person. RIP Chuck. Hopefully we'll see you soon.

Review by: Studster

with leprosy death crystalize their unique sound. one of the best death metal - and metal in general - productions of all times. 8 songs, 8 masterpieces, maybe forgotten past and choke on it a bit under the standard. lyrics are great and will stay great forever from leprosy on. no doubt, the best performance by chuck shuldiner on vocals.
leprosy, pull the plug, open casket, primitive ways are eternal metal classics.
with spiritual healing, individual thought patterns and symbolic, it forms the highest tetrarchy of death.

Review by: o

Still in a transition phase, Death is working towards a more cohesive, technical approach. Still not quite the titanic beast they will become, this is certainly a hint at what is in the near future. A kickass listen. 9/10

Review by: False Messiah

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