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Just fucking awesome, Chuck plays great and sings like on his studiocd's, yhe only difference is , that everything is much quicker, and that makes it twice as cool, a must have,
Sad but true is that Chuck died age 34 13 december 2001 RIP
His spirit goes on

Review by: jerry

At last an official live release from the best death metal band on earth, Live in LA is simply amazing. Chuck's performance is beyond godly, and Richard Cristy behind the drum kit sounds like a tornado on rampage. Every song kills with attitude (in fact I don't remember disliking any of their songs ever) but with a faster approach than on the original cds, which isn't bad at all. Chuck may not be with us anymore, but his music will live forever in the heart and soul of real music lovers. If you are not very familiar with Death's material (if that's the case I don't know where you were the last ten years) it may be a good record to start with. This record is the last testimony we will ever get from Chuck, so get this in his name, and in the name of metal.

Review by: arckangell

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