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there are two records which changed the way of music in the eighties, the first to be labelled DEATH METAL!
One is Possessed "Seven churches" (Classic!), the other is Death's "Scream bloody gore"! Althought i think it's not best Death's album, it shows the fury and monstrosity of a style of music which had yet to be born (in 1987...)!
"Infernal death", "Sacrificial" and "Land of no return" my favourite songs!

Review by: sepi

Death's first album
Not very technical, but with some quite good solos and riffs
Tracks are aggressive and lyrics are the type of an 'oldschool horror'
Album isn't as great as the later ones but it's good either

Review by: mik

SCREAM BLOODY GORE!!!!!!!!! this is the best album of death i think (R.I.P. Chuck Schuldiner)

Review by: celtic-frost

You can call me a shithead, but I think this and Leprosy are both betters than Reign in Blood, wich is also great ..

Review by: Perkele

Scream Bloody Gore is the very best release of Death. My favourite tracks are Zombie Ritual and Mutilation but the rest are also great as well. This album -like it or not- is the root of the Death Metal style itself! A must for every D.M. fan. R.I.P. Chuck.

Review by: Venom's legion

this is pure...KILLER! absolutely marvellous! Baptized in blood is the only borig words to be said,,buy or die! for real! 9.7 outta10

Review by: the fog

A very young and obviously 'B' type horror movie influenced Chuck gives us SBG. Superb!! I love it. The production is not the greatest i have heard but then that also adds some sort of appeal to it. Zombie Ritual has a lovely almost sinister intro and you are just bracing yourself for a the barrage of onslaught...Which duly comes. Evil Dead, Infernal Death, Sacrificial, and the title track are all fantastic. The lyrics are a bit erm... well...obvious, but that takes nothing away from it being a top album. F*cking classic!!!

Review by: millage

All Death albums and songs are killer.maybe this my listen first real death metal best of chuck ...RĘP.

Review by: Beyto

Ok, this album is my favorite Death album, and I have heard them all(so I am not some short haired cock addict mallposeurtwat). The screams are the best Chuck ever did, "evil dead"'s chorus has forced me to unman myself on many, many an occasion. This is, as many have probably already said, more straightforward and simplistic; yet the solos are still what you would expect, and the songwriting is still very good. Production isn't bad, perfectly acceptable for a death metal album. Recommended above all other Death albums, and most death metal albums.

Review by: TheWelkinAtDusk

the first death metal album!and,wooow!what a's furious,it's stylish,it's recording is so great and it's a fuckin' death metal album!i still don't understand what death had to deal with chuck!(r.i.p.)

Review by: metal maniac

the debut...a sort of compendium of more than three years of activity, a great death metal album, one of the best of all times. I don't want to masturbate myself on the question if this one or seven churches by possessed is the real first death metal album, but I tell you one thing: compared to SBG, seven churches is a crap album, no doubt!!!
Two songs I definitely don't like: sacrificial(cunt) and regurgitated guts.(BEYOND THE UNHOLY GRAVE and LAND OF NO RETURN could have been better on the tracklist instead of being bonus on later editions...)
My favourites: DENIAL OF LIFE - MUTILATION 8,8 outta 10

Review by: o

I dunno....I love all Death cds, but this tends to be the one I skip over most frequently. Don't get me wrong, I love Death, but I find that in comparison to Chuck's later work, this is just too primitive for me. Also, I prefer the vocals on later cds. So, not my favourite, but still great. 8.5/10

Review by: False Messiah

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