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Chuck we will remember you for ever !!!! You give us death metal and we will give you, your music and your soul eternity !!!! We will never forget what you give to us. All your album are so great I mean all of them !!! Hail death metal !!! Fuck Poser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: darkann

Death's last album, and what a great one. A bit slower, but some of the best riffs and the most memorable melodies ever. Songs like Scavenger, Story To Tell and Voice of the Soul, well, this entire record just kicks serious ass. Drumming as exceptional as ever. 10 out of 10. And the cover of Judas, 100000 times more powerful than the original.
Chuck, wherever you are, we all hope you're headbanging in a better place, waiting for the rest of us.

Review by: punkiller

No words can tell how good album this is
It's very progressive and even jazz stuff
I have never heard so many changes of rythm.... so many 'broken' riffs and so many great solos...
Tracks are quite long but they're not boring - not at all
Every solo is different than the other - slow ones, fast ones, arpeggio parts, tremolo parts, staccato, vibrato... MENTAL ORGASM
It's impossible to listen to this music with no chill running down your spine...
TSoP is just a masterful piece of art

It will tear you right apart...

Review by: mik

The album is really great, it is the masterpiece of death metal. Chuck left but his spirit will be alive forever in his songs, especially those of "Sound of Perseverence". Pieces of the album are as technical as possible to be, all instruments are in excellent harmony, and changes of the rhythm are incredible. You can listen to the album being like in a dream, such expressive it is.
I cried almost a week when heard about Chucks' death. It seemed like I lost the best friend. R.I.P. Chuck.


Review by: Birute

The Perfection of Butality and Tecnic in Music...
A testament that will be last forever...
Thank You Chuck...Your Soul will Live eternally...
See You in Heaven Friend...

Review by: Necrolust

s.o.p deaths last studio offering is to me a testament of all that metal was is and can be at its best from the sheer
speed theroy melody and energy its clear to see that the late master mind chuck shuldiner is the most passionet tallented and enlightened musican of all metal the only
dissapointment is i never had the chance to see this metal
machine play live thanx to chuck for puting his soul into
his works and fans to any one that reads this death is alive forever

Review by: bill

I like the change of Chuck's(RIP) voice from his previous growls to a high pitched wail. Also covering a classic Judas Priest song to perfection. Chuck has certainly excelled at guitar from previous albums.

Review by: Dire

Very technical drummer, and so fast guitar solo, the ultimate creation of Chuck, see ya in hell my friend...

Review by: Gonzalo

Truly a magnificent metal release, period!!

Review by: Kipje84

Death has always been ahead of whats been going on in Death metal,and this album came as something really weird at first,but after a couple of more times listening to their last effort,it struck me how intense and amazing this album is.
The riffs are all genious,the arrangement are so wellmade and all songs exept "Painkiller" are groundbreaking! Yes the cover is good but they could maybe left it to Control Denied instead.
A real metal masterpiece.

Review by: alcot´hrasher

This is my Death's favourite cd. I think Chuck Schuldiner made it when he was so sad and so angry because this cd shows and makes you feel it. I think Richard Christy shows in the Sounds of Perseverance his capacity. I find this cd almost perfect.

Review by: Dark-Empress

This was the 2nd Death album i purchased (first being Human. I swiftly completed the back catalogue shortly after)and again...What a classic!! The song structures were more complex and more 'melodic' but it still hadn't lost any of the aggression of previous albums. Chucks vocals had become more high pitched but still had the venom required to put out heavy vicious vocal lines. The guitar parts are superb, and the cover of Painkiller is a cracking effort. On the first couple of listens i found one or two songs slightly dragging on, but since then i have grown to love the album. 9/10 (Millage)

Review by: millage

Death: sound of perseverance is one of the best metal albums ever made. it has an amazing rawness to it and,is the most aggressive thing ive ever heard. its like a "sonic punch in the neck". its all up in your face (and down your throat) it is exactly what metal is all about. Death has had some of the best metal players ever (Hoglan,Digorgio,Reinhart,Masvidal). Chuck is a genius,his metal has melody,technique,and alot of heart. long live Chuck!!!

Review by: lo dost

God damn... What can be said about this album. The drumming is just superb, some of the best percussion I have ever heard. The guitars are at their technical height! Scavenger of Human Sorrow remains as one of my favorite songs of all time! That and Spirit Crusher are the two most standout tracks, but every single track truly stands out and each is amazing..

Review by: sandrothecoolman

it still feels like yesterday when i bought that record (in fact i did 4 years ago) and what can i say beneath that it changed my life. i never loved a record the way i loved this one before. Those lyrics...those melodies...that voice...i was blasted away by that record. it was unbelievable...there was someone singing the way that i feel and...fuck...exactly the way i feel. this would be definitly one of the records i would kill for...words can't express how i feel when i remember those days...oh damn...i'll stop writing and start listening again...and again...again...

Review by: Corpsie

Chuck will never die he stays eternal in our minds & ears & everything related to our music. he gave us the best thing in the world & we are giving him back our respect & everything.thank you Chuck you are legend you are a great metalhead.

Review by: deadatheist

I had first started listening to Death with Leprosy and Human, and then got all their other cds, with the exception of Individual Thought Patterns and Sound Of Perseverence..I don't know why..I guess I never had time to go to the cd store anymore, and I refused to tarnish both Chuck's and the band's good name by downloading it. So, I went out and bought these two a few weeks ago, thus completing my collection. And wow, did this album ever blow my mind. The solos are just..words can't describe it. Everything is perfect. There is a God, and He is Chuck Shuldiner, and He created something truly out of this world. I find this cd special to me. I can't explain it, but for some reason I get more feeling out of this than any other Death album. The perfect cd in existence.

Review by: False Messiah

it's really pathetic to say that it's death's "swansong".but at least death has maintained their quality from the very first to their last!and about this album,nothing to say really!another 10/10 recording from death.just look at the song "voice of the soul".you'll have full idea about the album.what a song!it really felt like the soul was wanting to come out in reality!others were also great like spirit crusher or flesh and the power it holds or a moment of clarity.i will miss chuck until i die!(r.i.p.)

Review by: metal maniac

A masterpiece. As it should be, Chuck's final work is his all-time best. With SOP, he blew every death metal cd right out of the water. The perfect blend between slower riffs and ripping blasts, the awesome higher-pitched vocals (I prefer more screamy vocals), the insane guitarwork, and of the course the wonderfully angry, yet intelligent, lyrics. My all-time favourite cd, I'm going to literally take this with me to the grave. Flawless. 10/10

Review by: False Messiah

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