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"Spiritual Healing": absolutely the best death metal album ever! Althought it was released in 1990, among other excellent releases (Entombed, Obituary, Napalm Death, Carcass...) "Spiritual Healing" showed definitely the superiority of the legendary Florida's quartet.
Maybe th first example of introducing melody in a death metal context, death' third release is not just a classic, like others death albums: it's a state of mind, a way of life, each song is incredibly brilliant, a lesson of songwriting for thousand of young brutal musicians.
"Spiritual Healing", a record which changed my life in 40 minutes...

Review by: Sepi

chuck schuldiner and james murphy work together and there is really nothing we can this album and listen the GODS of death metal

Review by: opeth

I really can't understand how most of death's fans ignore this album!, it's BY FAR their best one, a fine outfit of true Death Metal, well played, fairly produced (keeping nontheless that rough sound any death metal album should have), everything is flawless... and to add more: featuring the great master james Murphy. This is with no doubt one of the all-time best death Metal releases. CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!

Review by: vvlad-tepess

Some say that this album is the worst of Death's albums and that it's not worth listening...
But I say it's not true - this album is just another piece of great death metal music
It's very aggressive and with some interesting ideas that show the path that Death will go through soon
Very interesting and original lyrics too

Review by: mik

Death at it's best,thats how to describe this album.
What most people thought that this album would'nt be as good as everyone expected,Death made a surprising attack with Spiritual Healing.
In my opinion all the songs are worth the cash you paid,especially Genetic Reconstruction and Spiritual Healing are those kind of songs that could easily be a classic like Pull the plug or Open Casket.
This album is worth all the positive reactions!!

Hail to Chuck! (may your soul and music live on for ever!)

Review by: Esgaroth

I don't really like this album. There are good guitarsolo's on the album but the brutal atmosphere is totally gone I think. For me, this album is totally shit if you compare it to Scream Bloody Gore.

Review by: celtic-frost

This was the first ever DEATH album i listened to. At the time my mate was into Death, Obituary Napalm Death etc and he played me this. I thought it was a racket!! So 12 years on, once i had finally got into Death Metal i went and bought it. Having purchased most of the other Death albums by this point, i knew what to expect. And i was not disappointed. Bloody awesome. Every track is a winner!!! I think the Schuldiner/Butler/Andrews combination was one of the best. And James Murphy's solo parts were more 'interesting' than Rozz's (In my opinion Rozz was additcted to the Tremelo bar!!!). The Track 'spiritual healing' has a f*cking great intro, and it is just another corking Death Album. Enough Said!

Review by: millage

well im not ahuge fan of this sort of music, but i saw this in a odd charity shop for $1 and the cover was funny - so i bought it. i have to say that i was blown away by how good the music was, almost to technical and fast. although there are stand out tracks such as killing spree - really the every track is very good, they all have interesting changes. what i liked about this death album was the intelligent lyrics - well for metal anyway. what i dont understand is how this band only achieved cult status - i mean i have heard of plent of metal bands that now seem a bit of a joke when compared to death, still i guess you metallers know what your doing. im of to track down more death records in strange charity shops - good day.

Review by: blackflag

togheter with symbolic, this is the best death album. spiritual healing has been victim of a conspiracy by the bowing fans of chuck shuldiner.
...and probably chuck shuldiner undervalued this great work himself for reason that were out of music (see biography if you don't know the gossip...:))
starting from the base of leprosy, spiritual healing provides a further enhancement of that fantastic record.

Review by: o

I dunno...Death kinda lost me a bit here. It's still an great cd, but not as good as its predecessor, in my opinion (obviously, seeming as I'm the one reviewing..). Fortunately they will really take stride with their next one :) 8.5/10

Review by: False Messiah

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