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This is one of the best melodic death metal albumsever, get this one instantly, if you cant find him, hang yourself
It won't get better 10/10

Review by: jerry

Angry, raw and violent: Death!!!!!!!! This is maybe Death´s best album, with immortal songs like Crystal Mountain and Perennial Quest. Chuck's playing and vocals never been this great, and the drumming, man, the drumming! This is a real thunderstorm coming out of the speakers (Symbolic).
Chuck will remain with us forever, and so his music will. This record is just a tiny example of what Chuck was capable of, as a musician and as a person.
Will never forget you Chuck. Live on forever.

Review by: punkiller

Another unbelievebely great album by Death
Great technical stuff
Solo dialogues by Schuldiner Koelbe are just incredible
Such precision, speed, understanding... and feeling
One of the best Death's album (I know - all of them are great)

You must listen to it, cause this reviev is just a few empty words to this what this album really is

Review by: mik

symbolic is deaths most coheasive album to me. the lyrics our inspireing the solos our breath taking with percision
speed melody bules jazz metal rock and classical guitar combine with a mind melting result that slayer metalica pantera and venom could never quite formulate. the vocals
transend the lyrics into emotinal cavitys of the mind and
soul other records failed to tapp. drums and bass only add
to the unique ansambel that is symbolic. chuck echos satrtiani hendrix van halen and others but surpasses all
with solos of extreme tecnicality and brilance

Review by: bill

Symbolic is perhaps Chuck Schuldiner's finest hour as a songwriter. The way in which the songs flow out of the speakers at you is awesome, after just one listen you will simply want to start the whole experience once again. The line-up on this album is nothing short of amazing. Drum legend Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, SYL) provides the complex beats, Andy LaRoque (King Diamond) on guitar, and Kelly Conlon (Monstrosity)on bass. If you do not own this album, you shouldn't be sitting here reading this you should be out buying it! Nothing short of a classic metal album.

Review by: The Monk

Goddamn this sucks, sure the musicianship is more refined but This isn't Death Metal! It sounds more like a jazz jam session to me. I unfortunately bought this piece of crap expecting death metal and was appalled. Emotionaly, vomitus, cheesey, pop, song compositions, Happy solos, politically-correct lyrics, fuck this band, and that fucking christian chuck. Pick up a copy of scream bloody gore, or Leprosy, cause this is a fucking jazz/heavy metal album disguised as a death metal one. Nothing an experienced death metal listener would ever bother with.

Review by: diarrhetic_orgasm

what can I say?
even though the words Are limit to describe this one...
since 1995 "symbolic"is one of the tops albums for me..
I believe this one is far from just to be music...
it touch the deeper side of soul...mind and...
when I listen to every bit of this album,
I can not hold my thoughts...
most times I cry and laugh...
it's realy hard to believe that chuck would not be with us for no longer..but he is still his his his arts..and would be alive for ever..ever
but the music that he left ,will carry us for ever and ever,he did the thing that he ever make this music immrotal and eternal..And I believe he did..
I recommend it to every True metal fans...
not just this one..the whole albums and arts..
because Pridly I could say that this one is one of the huge and historic albums of metal for ever and ever..
chuck..where ever you are...hail you eternal,and wait us at the gate of hell...(R.I.P)

Review by: Forgotten_1298

This is my DEATH favorite album! The Best! in this i found the true meaning of Death Metal with melody and brutality combine...such a Masterpiece..

Review by: morgalion

Yet another classic album by Chuck.Although this album is probably the one i play least. I don't know why, but i just seem to forget about this one. However, having dug it out the other night i was in awe of the superb musicianship. The production is superb and you can tell instantly that chuck wanted to progress even more to a 'cleaner sound'. That doesn't take away the fact that there are some superb ultra heavy guitars and crashing drums on the album. A very good effort indeed. Though not a favourite, it still gets a 9/10.

Review by: millage

In my opinion the masterpiece of Death...

Great and powerfull riffs of guitar, adorned bass lines and fast drums...
Maybe you think I´m talking about a conventional death metal band... but the answer is NO, the use of the voice mixed with the instruments make of Symbolic the most (or at least one of the most) important album in death metal history...
Full of feelings and ambient is a great album to LISTEN (not only to hear) I recommend: Zero Tolerance and Perennial Quest...

Review by: Oblivion_sadness

if i were the write everything on how great this album is, the internet would explode. there ain't no death album quite like this one man!!!

Review by: disembowler

despite the (over)emphasis of old-school song arrangements, this album is one of the best death albums ever. You might just remember this one when you're 80.

Review by: ttong

i think it is the best album of best metal band in the fuckin world

Review by: unholy saint

This is for me the best death metal album ever. Its genious. Everyone who loves death metal have to have it. Chuck lives on in all our hearts.

Review by: kenzo

who says chuck is not alive!he's still alive and well!in our hearts,in our souls,in our cd's!and symbolic is the best one to keep chuck with us forever!so buy this and hear this until you die! r.i.p.-chuck.we will never forget you for blessing us with the best thing in this world(death metaaal)!!!

Review by: metal maniac

One of the first metal albums I ever bought and it's still one of the best, too! Very technical yet very melodic, and the solos...Chuck has always favored emotion and melody over speed in his solos, which is something you don't see (or hear) very often in metal these days.

Rating: 9,5 / 10
Highlight tracks: Symbolic, Zero Tolerance, Without Judgement, Crystal Mountain

Review by: metal4ever

Awesome. I don't know why, but this cd always gets me going. From the catchy riffs to the menacing vocals, everything about this cd screams "blast me as loud as you can". Tied with ITP for second favourite, this is Death's transition into Chuck's masterpiece. 9.9/10

Review by: False Messiah

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