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A wonderful work here, full of emotions. Just try it and you will see, it will use your CD reader! 10/10

Review by: abalam

This album is less agressive than Soria Moria. Indeed some tracks are rearranged from Soria Moria. Impressive keyboards, nice female voice. Has some electronic songs like Carven and Splendid Horror. This last one is the best electronic song I have ever heard. 10.0/10.0 A must to have.

Review by: Torquemada

an excellent work here, one of the best 1997īs albums

Review by: luciferianlight

Nice album...
Unfortunately the last "nice" one...

Review by: dark-girl

This is a perfect collection of beauty, madness and despair, best wishes for all!!!

Review by: cophnia

one of the albums that i liked when i discovered black metal, highly recomended for all those that can feel the beauty in the music!!! no enough words to describe this...R.I.P.

Review by: black-throne

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