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I really didnt get into this album, i really enjoy Dismal Euphonys earlier material, in particular the Autumn leaves album but this one just left me feeling confused. Ive listened to it quite a few times now and no songs really have stuck in my head, its just a bland mix of their influences yet done second-rate. the songs magma and critical mass would have to be my favourite but this is a very disappointing release

Review by: blakk_mayhem

Dismal Euphony is dead...
May God send you to hell quickly!!!
Therefore you will stop to bullshit n waste our money!!!! hell...
I wont forgive you the Autumn leaves...:(((:((:(((:((

Review by: dark-girl

the total fuckin disapointment!!! why the hell that shit had to came out????

Review by: black-throne

Contrary to popular opinion i like this album very much.'s different from the previous ones, but what the hell, am i the only one who thinks that "magma", for instance, is a superb song?

Review by: toni t

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