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What can i say about this Masterpiece? it is simply the best of Dismal Euphony. if you wanna know who truly are they, get this album..

Review by: iNfernum

I must agree with iNfernumīs review, it is really a masterpiece of a most original and sad black-doom metal. Iīm listening death metal since 1989-1990, but iīve never heard such a beautiful melodies, which last so long... Much more longer like some chewing gum, be sure. Woman vocalist has an angelic voice, female vocal is a typical black metal-voice. I gave them 10/10, but they deserve 1000/10. The sound is not perfect, so the album has an uderground feeling. Autumn leaves has a better sound, but it is not such underground music, but still 1000 miles far from commerce. They are not boring, this is one of the most recommended CD-s.

Review by: icu

Gothic metal with black scream and female theatre of tradegy!

Review by: Beyto

I just find it before one month!! Beautiful! Marvelous! Brilliant!! It make me bang my head off till it drops.All i can say is that this is one of the best earlier Black metal efforts ever!!!
Soria Moria 8 out of 10

Review by: kiril

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