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One of the best slow Black metal albums i ever heard!! Hailing from Ukraine, loved by many! Great atmospheres, starting with sounds of nature as intro, which come into agressive slow "old-Nargaroth" like riffs and great vocals!
Highly recommended!

Review by: Nachtland

Long winding tracks, like Agalloch. Folkish, but with a more black metal tinted mood due to the guitars. Each song passes the eight minutes mark and takes you on a journey through landscapes of folklore. Well composed instrumental music is the key here and highly recommended to anyone into atmospheric music. The band is said to be NSBM, but I notice nothing of that.

Review by: zwarte krijser

Fantastic Ukrainian black metal. This album is absolutely incredible. Summoning The Rain, Wind Of The Night Forests, and The First Snow are my favourites, but all songs are excellent. Evil, cold atmosphere, with beautiful but haunting interludes...both vicious screams and clean vocals are executed well, and keyboards are used well, highlighting specific moments. All other Drudkh material is grim in general, but I really like their new album, Microcosmos.


Review by: False Messiah

******sorry, ignore the part about clean vocals, I was listening to Windir while writing the review..

Review by: False Messiah

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