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Awesome sounding record in the vain of "Agalloch" and other dismal, folk-influenced metal. Album more than a collection of songs that builds up a good climax towards the end. Lots of acoustic and more earthly sounding elements put to maximum effect.

Review by: shanewick

This album is the best album in he world. Nothing stands beside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by: Empress

Very good atmospheric black metal in the vein of Burzum, but let down completely by ridiculous Yngwie Malmsteen widdly widdly guitar (yeah, figure out that musical mix!).

Review by: snowbeast

“Blood in our Wells” one of my favorite Black Metal albums, very emotional and beautiful music from this album, they create a deep atmosphere; musically amazing, I recommend it to every black metal fan out there.

Review by: borna101

Every Drudkh release has been consistently brilliant but this album is something special, even by Drudkh's standard. Ukranian Insurgent Army is incredibly rich in atmosphere and in my opinion is one of the best pieces black metal has to offer.

In case you hadn't guessed: 10/10

Review by: Defluo

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