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wow. i love this. not very fast at all. but with a feeling and atmosphere that no many bands have.
beautiful keyboard harmonies and melodies. Evil and hauntign vocals that feels like the northen winds.
Very nice cover art to. too bad their other albums arent this great.

Review by: enthroned

a lot better than second spell

Review by: szczebrzeszyn

I think this is Gehenna's best record. Lots of admosphere somewhat like the first two Dimmu Borgir albums yet still with a style of their own and just as great.

Review by: werewolf666

this album show black metal its not only fast/brutal/raw music. slow music, melodic ambient, not strident voices. still dark, emotional, crude, metal anyway. i fly everytime i ear this record. for me, one of the better works in black metal genre anytime.

Review by: nahemot

pretty average doomy black metal in midtempo.
some keyboards are used and it sounds a bit like the pop-masters in dino burger sometimes, but mostly good.

Review by: lordgeryon

It's great black metal album and gehenna's best.

Review by: saboath

I album is brilliant, short...oh so but sweet. Get It

Review by: deathshandbag

who can use the organo better than gehenna? this album is simply fantastic! for who love this album I reccomend another group which use organo and it's similar: manes (under ein blodraud maane)

Review by: impaled god

this best melodic black metal mcd but all songs classic. buy it!

Review by: Beyto

One of the best albums in my collection. This album has a very unearthly feel to it. The songs are all mid paced with great keyboard work and rolling drums. They never get boring. The songs sound very original to me and are complemented by a low growling type of voice. 10/10 for me.

Review by: Rimmon

One of my first and bests up to date. Dark, with that specific Necrosound of Gehenna, that makes it very unusual.

Review by: Vargulf

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