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I must say, this a masterpiece. I really like the overall soundscape of this album. Nice riffs all the way and the synth makes a nice atmosphere.
I bought this album in 1996, still (2004) sounds almost as great when I heard it the first time.
One of my favourite albums, a must have.

Review by: demaniac

Sounds sort of like Old Dimmu Borgir (For All Tid days) but with more artistic direction, more grim, and more faster parts. Pretty good in my opinion.

Review by: fosvart

Itīs rare that Gehenna is not a known band... but is a great band... this album demonstrates... for me.. one of the best melodic black metal, and shows that this genre no need to be so fast and brutal... with a midtempo and grant inspiration can made grand things... excellent album

Review by: Northvisions

yeah this is definately a good album. Not a bad song on here. The songs aren't overly amazing, but there is a unique style about them. It's sort of like a more aggressive version of their 'First Spell' album. Many of the riffs are keyboard driven, yet the keyboards do not rule the entire album so there is a nice balance. I still prefer 'First Spell' over this, but this is definately worth owning also. 8/10.

Review by: Rimmon

The songs on here are mostly mid-paced, and all build up to track 8 (A Myth...) where the musical excellence reaches it's peak and features aggressive blast for the first time in the cd, and the only time cd, fading out into track 9 which fits in perfectly on a depressive note after number 8, perfectly ending the cd.

Review by: fosvart

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