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good cd of gehenna, whit frost of sayricon, but gehenna have more satyricon style and it's good for gehenna.

Review by: hellmorbid

Kinda strange when a band switch style from release to release. With this one it`s totally black again but not the keyboard-atmospheric kind they used earlier in the career.
Imagine that you are in a field of mud while grenades and bullets destroys the air above your head. The smell of rotten human bodies makes you puke and the air is seared with smoke and fire. Death awaits you....
All the songs are great and very naked, without any acoustics, keys or flutes and such. Just blistering death and total war. Not computer/future crap. World War 1 & 2 is the influence here att world war is what you get when buying this.
Gehenna has not been this good since their debut!!

Review by: winterspell

total lack of motivation and utterly boring. nothing about this album is above average, in terms of the music played. but for sure, the whole feeling of the album is way below average. stay away from.

Review by: homo

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