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very good record, i think it would be hard to label this one as the the style is rather diverse. the vocals range from clean to black metal screams. the clean vocals are sung very well, much better in fact than alot of bands out there who seem to try hard but just don't have it. the black metal screams are very harsh and well executed also. the music has an epic feel and is sometimes very moody. this band is in a league of their own.

Review by: seyone

This is a pretty good album.The black metal vocals are very good(better than the ones from their demo),the clean vocals are not bad,the atmosphere created fits with the lyrics,but still there is something missing...

My rating:8.5

Review by: Xthrance

This is an incredible album in my opinion. In The Woods... is a very strange focused metal band. They combine weird atmospheres, melancholic guitars landscapes, pagan lyrics , clean and black vocals with a very original touch. This is an album that you will play thousand times in your stereo and you'll never feel boring about it...

Nocturnus (Lima - Perú)

Review by: insepultus

Some songs and some vocals are Black Metal but this album not a black metal album.

Review by: Beyto

This album is great!I can listen it over and over aganin!And the lyrics are wonderful.

Review by: Meshuggah

In the Woods were truly an unique band to say the least. This is somewhat of a special album. However considering that this album is from 95 I say that it is quite good to say the least. However I still like the live version better.

Review by: Illnath

Years before its time, Heart Of The Ages simply blew my mind in 1995 and 10 years later it still is epic, crushing, melodic, moody and just absolutely brilliant. One of my favorite records of all time!

Some may have issues with the vocal style. The clean are as you'd expect, but the black metal vocals provide such a contrast and they make or break the record for most.

Cannot recommend this highly enough. Simply amazing.

Review by: slateman

I was 17 years old, filled with exitement and anticipations. This was a rainy november day in 1994, and I went to Oddvar A:M house around 10 am, we were heading to Jæren and Star Studio. It was only 2.5 hours drive from our home, but still a place we never been at before, a hole on the westcoast of Norway called Nærbø.. At this youthhouse/building Trond Are had his 24 track analouge studio in the cellar. This was the place we were going to be for the next 4 weeks.
Myself was quick doing all drumchecks and the technical preps prior to recording, but it was done in less than 3 hours. The same evening, Journey the seeds of a new dimention was laid down on tape. The following days I recorded HEart of the ages, and I loved doing it. We also did record some other tunes aswell that never made it to the album (Tell de Døde f.ex). During this time we were frequently visited by Nordavind and Nattefrost from Carpathian Forest and they obviously enjoyed hanging around when we worked in the studio. Only thing I dont want to remember so much is the nasty food we ate all the time, some frozen microwave Lasagne. And lots and lots of coffee.. We recorded what we came there to do, and none of us had any clue if the result was decent or just bleh! The thing then went through the mastering process and then shipped to London and Misantrophy records in mid Desember 1994. The photos on the album cover was taken by Oddvar nearby his house, its a small lake and marsh area and a nice foggy carpet laying over the place. The next 2-3 months I never heard a thing of it before the actual release appeared to us both CD`s and Vinyls in early March 1995. Remember I had friends over to my small one room place in town, put the cd in the player and sat down. I guess we were about 8-9 people sitting there listening through the whole thing without anyone saying a word through the whole album. That combined holding the vinyl in my hands as a 17 year old definitly made a impact on me. I felt incredible proud, back then it was not for everyone to release an album at all. I felt pride and uncertainty at the same time. But I also felt the finnished product sounded great, even better than I remembered. Then it grabbed people around me after some time, more and more of my friends and people got the album under the skin, and I guess it stayed there. We kind of had that effect on all releases we did. If we trapped someone in our music, it was not easy to escape it. We had no idea that was gonna happen, we told ourself as long we like it its cool, and if we sell 4 albums we had to concider that as a bonus. The main rule of In the Woods... We were our own critics and very strict ones too. Now 20 years later, the album still lives on even attracting new listeners and also keeps the veteran listener equally interested. That itself is a achievement I as a 17 year old drummer boy never saw coming. In retrospect, it was not pure luck or anything. I know now 20 years later, nothing we did actually was a role of dice of win or die situations. What we did was not even a coincidence, it was pure artistic freedom that stands the test of time and maybe even make more sense today than back in early 1995 when nobody had a clue what we were up to.
To sum it up, I am proud that myself and the Botteri twins was responsible that In the Woods... came to existense in the first place, im also proud that it was my job (more or less) to arrange all the material into what is the end result. But most proud that all the time it took to actually getting arrangements to what we hear today was probably the best time of all. Creativity and logic can create something different, special that lives on carved in time as a diary shared with thousands around the world. Thank you everybody.
Anders Kobro-

Review by: A Kobro

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