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una banda que evoluciona en cada entrega, y cada evolucion a sido brillante. 10 de 10

Review by: devermis

One thing is clear.In The Woods formed their own musical style and they want to expand their musical vision.
This album is a more neurotic one(Dead man's creek,Titan's transcendence).In is a journey inside of one mind,transposed into the modern crisis,collapses and thoughts.The axis mundi of this album is composed of two songs(Vanity in the absence of virtue and Path of righteous).There are some electro influences(Closing in,Dead man'c creek) and I can see a little bit of Psychedelic on Ion and Generally more worried than married

Review by: todundtranen

The music that Norway's In the Woods... play on this album can not be easily defined. It isn't as doomy as 'Omnio', and it most certainly isn't as black as 'HEart of the Ages'. Only clean vocals are used, both male and female, and both are stunning. This album combines elements that are not common in the metal genre, which are blended together to create a rather unique and phenomenal sound.

Moreover, 'Strange In Stereo' is perhaps not even a metal album, but I could not care less. As a fan of doom-metal, the depressive nature of this album is something I enjoy very much. Unusual instruments like a sitar or the viola are used to perfection. Songs like 'Generally More Worried Than Married', 'Ion' and 'Vanish In the Absence of Virtue', are flawless masterpieces.

All in all, I give my thumbs up to In the Woods... for just having the guts to experiment and drift a bit from metal altogether. This is an extraordinary piece of work. To make a long story short, 'Strange In Stereo ' is in my mind the best release of 1999. Great stuff.

Review by: angelreaper

This Album is one of the unique albums i've ever heard in my entire life.
it's got a distinctive feel to it , very expressive in all aspects.

programming on 'Closing in' is unbelievable , the best ever ,i could go on and on about this song but this is the prominent thing about it ,

the viola and guitar on 'Cell' get you lost in the sound ,

pleasant tuneful guitar sound on 'Vanish in the Absence of Virtue' with a harmonious duet on vocals.

'Basement Corridors' is a slow song with psychedelic Atomosphere ,also impressive Female vocals ,

'Ion' is the song that gets you in the real mood of the album it's got all the elements of all the other songs before and after !

'Generally More Worried Than Married' is the best song on this album in my opinion , an epic .

fucking heavy riffs with the delicate sound of the sitar in the orgasm of 'Path of the Righteous' make wonder how much these guys are really talented in writing a piece of music ,

relentless flow of sound with a smooth transition into some supreb soothing female vocals , that transforms into two guitar solos in 'Dead Man's Creek'

improvised repeated line on an unusual intro to 'Titan Transcendence' that's also got great male vocals ,

'By the Banks of Pandemonium' is a monster !

fucking listen to it if you wanna a great stange in stereo experience .

Review by: kniprekcor

Not a very good album IN RETROSPECTIVE(!) if you listen to heart of the ages and omnio but still its a beutiful,wonderful,great album.


Review by: Meshuggah

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