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Hello LIMBONIC ART, how is possible that this cd have not yet nor interview???, this is one of the best issues of limbonic art!!!!, is a true black metal art!!!, one of the best cd I ever heard througth several years... aggresive and frenetic sound a melodies, combinates of a dark philosophy... genious!!!..

Review by: Northvisions

A very amazing effort, very diverse from the previous two albums. A more modernized form of extreme metal. A good release of chaos is held within this album. Also not having a drummer is very original, drum machines can do so much more that a drummer isn't capable of doing naturally.

Review by: Noktifer

You cannot beat the amazing speed, energy, force and the balls behind this album.

This fucker kicks you so hard in the groin, your teeth fall out..

I reccomend buying it, borrowing, whatever, -and place it in you stereo. adjust volum to a really fucking high level, and press play. I guarantee, if it's loud enough most people will swallow their own tongue in shock and/or awe.

MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!

Review by: Skinndau

This cd is utterly amazing. It's still got the blend of atmosphere with brutality that the previous releases have, but the production was done to make it sound like a wall of pure hatred exploding into sonic agony. All instruments are crystal clear, the lyrics are well-thought and dark, and every song just absolutely destroys. This is the soundtrack to the apocalypse. My only slight complaint is that Daemon could be a tad more diverse with his vocals, maybe throw in some more death metal-esque grunts like on Zyklon's World Ov Worms.


Review by: False Messiah

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