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Great LP set, this is one of the top extreme metal bands to ever come out, the box set is very nicely made, also includes a poster. It's more of a collector's item then a regular set of LPs since it's only limited to 500 copies worldwide. this Box Set includes the same thing that the CD version has but on record format, the first 3 albums, and the classic re-recorded demo "Epitome of Illusioon". Ultimate Death Worship isn't featured as one of the albums, this LP came out before the last album came out. But there is a limited ed. version of the Ultimate Death Worship, which includes a bonus track not available on CD version. But I think all of the copies are already sold out, unless you check ebay every once in a while.

P.S. Limbonic Art is not black metal, it is a more modern gener called extreme metal, zyklone and myrkskog are also categorized as extreme metal, black metal is a pure type of metal just like heavy metal, death metal, thrash metal, but they tend to bore you after a few times of listening, extreme metal does not posses the ability to bore the audience, it is the most interesting and diverse type of metal out there. late Emperor and late Old Man's Child are also extreme metal, face it black metal is dead, and so is any other pure form of metal. The modern age depends on the hybrid forms, not the "stay true" b.s.

Review by: Noktifer

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