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morfeus and damean the black flame behind limbonic art this is

their debut in samoth's nocturnal art proudaction, amazing album of symphonic black metal the sound is awesone, the most dark poetry you'll ever read, thid album best listen doring the night will make your soul transfer to the dark side.
the only bad thind about this album is the sound of the guitars(bbbzzzzzzzzzz)you can ahardly hear it but still this is a master piece of norwign black metal.
all hail limbonic art!!!

Review by: eric_1

Absolutely astounding, like all Limbonic Art, this their debut is masterful. Rich and Symphonic and quite frankly incredible, Morfeus and Daemon have something original to say and it sounds fucking brilliant.

Hail the art!!

Review by: carcass_alex

this is one of the most briliant black metal bands ever...morfeus(keyboards/guitar/backing vocals) do amazing job with the song writing the feeling of each song is so dark that even in daylight this album doesn't lose fron his sinister and diabolic feeling...damean(guitar/voccals) with his outstanding vocals that really get you into the song.
the lyrics in this album are satanic however they are very dark and sinister which add a lot to the all album.
the artwork is the creation of morfeus and he does really goos work.
the only bad thing is that the sound of the guitars is to weak ather than that this is a masterpiece and a must have for evrey black metal fan

Review by: midvinter2

this was their first and unfortunately only one masterpiece in my "ears"...this is a very beautiful and creative work (in contrast to the latest releases)...but everything changes...except the dark, mournful, beautiful(...) athmosphere of this recording...10/10

Review by: baran

This is one of the best black metal album of all times,I really can't tell what i feel when i listen to it and do not want to try,How simply words could describe a master piecelike this,I prefer to kneel and shut my mouth,

Review by: vampyr+mumu

Limbonic Art's Moon in the Scorpio is one of the best Black Metal albums to ever be released. The atmosphere of the album is absolutely amazing. The guitars can be a little bit annoying, but the atmosphere easily makes up for it. This album will undoubtly creep you out.


Review by: Theredintheskyisours

Dark, mystical....A Black Phantasia of delirium and soul freezing beauty...Moon in the Scorpio is as Mysterious and grim as it is Sombre and haunting..."Beneath the Burial Surface" with it's haunting funeral bell, "Moon in the scorpio" and "Beyond the Candles Burning" are all outstanding Symphonic Black metal tracks....Limbonic art will be missed...The Drawling frost on our hearts reigns forever....

Lord Uhriel

Review by: Nightshades_Pantomime

oh,i can hardly speak anything about this album!this is one of THE MOST IMPOTANT BLACK METAL ALBUM OF ALL TIME~
It makes me feel that i am flying twoard the moon in the beautiful dark night...hail!limbonic art!!!

Review by: nightmare heaven

Good album, good songs, good rifs, and good droms.

Moon in the Scorpio is one of the blackest albums i have lisson to.
That album is so good, and all black metal fans should buy that album.
As i write before all things on the cd are good!!!
But the sound are shit.



Review by: prince of evil

this is the best true fuckin metal i have ever heard in my life,,,,how how how they made a track like moon in the scorpio there is must be some spell's on this track i can't stop listening to it ,,,,,,it an amazing album
hail to the gr8 light and darkness

Review by: dread

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