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Heh musicans from Lux Occulta seem to be obssesed by the jazz music... The album is a kind of musical experiment, a mix of jazz and death metal. It sounds quite... weird I'd say. As for me it is a bit like newer My Dying Bride, Vader and the new Mayhem. Anyway it doesnt sound like the mighty Lux Occulta which I loved... Another great band faded away with the winds of this stupid "progression"...

Review by: Vandall

I totally agree with Vandall on this. This STUPID PROGRESSION that all of these bands seem to be going through lately... Who the hell do they think they are, changing their music style like that? It's not about what they want, it's about what WE, THE FANS, WANT! Every band should just stagnate because I WANT THEM TO, BECAUSE I'M A CLOSED MINDED LITTLE FUCK WHO CAN'T COMPREHEND MUSIC UNLESS IT'S GIVEN TO ME ON A FUCKING PLATE AND SPOONFED TO ME! SLAVA 88!!! TOTAL WAR IS SACRED!!!!1

You know, when I listen to an album as great as The Mother and The Enemy and then come here and see this shitty score of 7 point whatever the hell it was, I just can't help think that most of the people that visit the site are nothing more than black metal kiddies who can't comprehend music more serious than the likes of Dark Funeral or whatever shitty evil black metal there is out there. God forbid a band actually progress and evolve, OH NOS, THEY SOLD OUT AND ARE DWELLING INTO THIS JAZZ SHIT NOW! OMG! HOW COULD THEY EVER DO SUCH A THING TO ME, THEIR GREATEST FUCKING FAN?!? Bands don't owe shit to anybody. They should be free to do whatever the hell they want with their musical vision, and in the case of Lux Occulta, they came out with an excellent record, which seems like a natural progression from My Guardian Anger. I can't, for the life of me, understand why people who liked MGA wouldn't like The Mother And The Enemy. Too experimental? What the fuck are you doing listening to Lux Occulta in the first place?

To people who haven't heard this yet: don't be fooled by the remarkably low score this album has. People who gave it low scores either don't understand the concepts of musical progression or are black metal kiddies pissed off that LUX OCCULTA ISN'T TROO ENOUGH!!! SLAVA!!! HEIL SATAN!!!!11 Either way, they hold no true credibility whatsoever. The album is quite excellent, and the level of musicianship is very high, as it is on every (recent) Lux Occulta reccord. They experiment with some jazz elements and dwell into trip-hop a bit. The trip-hop songs have a female vocalist fronting, and I must say, she has one of the best voices I've heard in metal, period. You can tell that she has had professional vocal training and isn't just a girlfriend of someone from the band, brought in to feel important or something, as it's often the case in black metal.

Either way, my point was/is: give this album a good 5-10 listens before you decide you don't like it. People with open minds should have no trouble getting into it and recognizing it for the masterpiece it is.

Review by: Smekermann

This album is a piece of shit, that is all what I can say. And that is my opinion and I have right to say it. if someone likes it it is up to him/her.

Review by: Jack the Nipper

Well said, Smekermann... this is a masterpiece. It takes amazing musical talent to write / perform an album like this. If you don't like it, that's really too bad. I mean really, I feel bad for you if you can't appreciate a piece of music as good as this is.

Review by: msatan81

This album is quite weird indeed, but it doesn't mean its a bad album. In my opinion, it takes time to really enjoy and appreciate it. I didn't like it at all in the beginning, but soon I began to listen to it again and again... Eventually I liked it.
But then, it is a bit worse than "My Guardian Anger"
If I were to rate it, I woyld give it 8 out of 10.

Review by: Maq

I had a rather diffrent experience with this one. As the mother and the enemy was the first album I heard with LUX OCCULTA, I fell instantly in love. I've been into black metal since the very beginning, and this is the best I have heard since Nexus polaris and La masquerade infernale. So... I bought my guardian anger without listening to it first... and what a giant disappointment. It sounds like a million other bands, only with shitty sound and bad melodys.
My aw to the band for their incredible progresseion. The have gone from underground copycats... to creating one of the most original metal-masterpiece of our time. Whats next... Buy THE MOTHER AND THE ENEMY, and forget the rest.

Review by: robinanimate

I think youīre wrong guys! Mother and the enemy was the first lux occulta album I heard and I really liked it, itīs very original and paranoic, this is why itīs so special and enjoyable, it doesnīt sound as the other black metal bands, because itīs not another copy, I agree with the few people who liked this album :) I would give it a 9/10

Review by: tarja_lp

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