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Probably the best album of Lux Occulta... From one album to another they've been gathering the power of expression, and now ith happened! Whole the album is a load of hard to descripe melodic death/black. Intelligent lyrics composed with powerful music. A pieco f higher art... the song Mane Tekel Fares echoes in my brain evry day since the one i've herd it for the first time.

Review by: Vandall

Best album of the group and of the best of a kind - very deep music with many original elements (great flamenco guitar)

Review by: Mik

This is how melodic black metal should be done, every song is a masterpiece; everthing on this album is perfect.
Its because of albums like these that I listen metal.

Review by: Vomit

havent heard no other albums but this one really sucks

Review by: slayerr

Yes, this is what i really hate in black metal...tons of foolness, like piano bar music or flamenco guitar...sure one of the pretentious album i ever heard... save your money...

Review by: June X

Simply outstanding. A masterpiece of progressive black metal. The notes of the keyboard has never been so ravishing; at least for me it is so.

Review by: kafir

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