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I think this is how Viking-Metal have to sound like. Mithotyn is really one of the best bands in that genre. I keep playing this album again and again. This is an album which will never be exceeded in this genre... If you are a fan of Viking-Metal, than this is a so called: 'Buy-Or-Die' album.

Review by: flix

this is an epic, folky, viking metal record with decent black metal vocals. I would love this record had it been an E.P. as much of the material starts to sound alot alike. that is the one flaw. there needs to be a little diversity to keep the listeners attention. I still do like their music as they seem to be quite competent musicians with some really catchy parts. I would still recomend this but it could be better.

Review by: seyone

I don't think this album is so good, the first three songs is very good and contains some excellent melodies. I think Mithotyn has listened much to In Flames - Lunar Strain. The weak part is that after the first three songs the tracks sounds very similar and the melodies are just boring, some melosies souds like power metal, which is sad....

Review by: Sombre

Sombre, you are right about the middle of the CD, but the last few tracks are again much better, like the first 3 tracks (like you mentioned)

Review by: Flix

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