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One of the best death metal albums from early 90's, but "Odium" will always be Morgoth's Masterpiece. I'm not the kind of person who will tell you "go fuking buy it" but if you have the chance to get it, so get it.

Review by: Zamzack

Without a doubt a comprehensive mix of melodic and in-your-face-death metal. Much more than the noise of most bands today. "Cursed" combines both flowing riff changes with lyrical/vocal mixes you can feel and will hook you. One of the best death metal albums from that era, period!

Review by: necrotomb

Opportunity is Gone is un real, you'll love it. I dig the songs that seem like they last forever, all should be like that. Too bad Morgoth isn't still putting this shit out! This album is amazing in the way they slowed it down a little compared to The Eternal Fall. Don't get me wrong, it's heavy as heavy can get.....but that slow crunch leading into a pounding riff keeps you wanting more.

Review by: Titus

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